Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Download Garuda OS 1.1.5 May 2011 - ISO

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Free Download Software - GARUDA (or full Garuda OS) is the operating system (usually called distro in the world of Open Source) local creations derived from PCLinuxOS (Mandriva variants). GARUDA is intended for computer users who are still bound by pirated software / illegal and want to find a legal successor and of course economically.

Features - features that are in Garuda OS


Distributions derived from PCLinuxOS (Mandriva variants) known easy and simple in its use for the beginner.

Boot n 'Run

Can be directly used without having to be installed first. However, if necessary, later you can install to hard disk, even though the drive was there another operating system (eg Windows XP / Windows 7)

Modern (3D)

GARUDA uses modern desktop from KDE which supports 3D features in it. You will find not only the beauty of a desktop, but will also notice an increase in computing performance.

Windows Compatible

You can still use the documents created with Windows-based programs, such as Word (. Doc), Excel (. Xls), PowerPoint (. Ppt), Photoshop (. Psd), Acrobat (. Pdf), and others. Even pulling you also can save the document remains in its original format (. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt) to then be read on Windows-based computers.

Windows Friendly

Addition is compatible with Windows-based document, you also can still feel the atmosphere of Windows. Start from the Windows desktop style), Wine to run Windows-based programs, Samba to connect to Windows, VirtualBox or Qemu to run Windows in GARUDA, read / write Windows partition, until the Windows help file viewer. Unfortunately, you will not be able to find a Windows virus in the GARUDA

Thousands of Programs

You will find many programs from various categories which can be used freely without the need to pay licensing fees again. Almost all types of programs you need will be found, ranging from category 3D, Office, Games Online / Offline, Graphic, Sound, Video, Internet, Database, etc..

Windows + Mac Style

Using GARUDA but want to taste a Windows / Mac? No Problem ...!
GARUDA provides a variety of styles of Windows and even Macintosh models. You can keep changing the style of Windows, Mac and GARUDA very, very easy.

Disturbance – Free

Using the Windows piracy disturbed by sweeping the issue ...?
Using genuine Windows is still disturbed by the invasion of a virus ...?
Fortunately, you will not find all of the intrusion on GARUDA.


GARUDA is present in full in the DVD version so you do not have to bother installing one after another program is needed.GARUDA will also be equipped with a manual that discusses the use of the base until you are proficient in the nuances of using 3D.

Local Support

GARUDA is developed by a local team of IGOS Center PC Linux, therefore you will also get technical support locally as well, and of course in everyday language that you understand, that is ... the Indonesian language.


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