Monday, May 2, 2011

Dollar Capture by clicking the Banner

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Here, the initial capital you Rp.0, - even you have been given initial bonus of free approximately U.S. $ 2000. All you do is in front of a computer and connect to the internet for 1 hour / day. You just click it click here banner campaign, and the dollars will flood your account.

If you are interested click here to register and then click Menu JOIN > Please enter your E-Mail Address to Sign Up:
Enter your E-Mail then check "I have read and agree theTerms, User Agreement and Privacy policy" and then click Continue , immediately check your E-Mail and then look for an email called " signup URL" there are two links that have diikirimkan 'boss-mails . com signup URL 'click the link to number two, then you will be brought to the registration page like this:

  1. User name: type the alias you
  2. E-Mail: type in your email address (if already on leave it alone)
  3. First name: type the name you
  4. Last name: type the name you balakang
  5. Address: type the address you live
  6. City: type the name of your city
  7. State: type the name of your province
  8. Zip Code: type in your zip code
  9. Country: type the name of your State
  10. Referred by: typed agil95 (if already loaded 'agil95' then let it go)
Select categories of interests to you: check all existing categories except delete me and no mail

Select a payment method: select Liberty Reserve (LR if you do not have an account click this link to sign up)

Payment account ID: Enter your Liberty Reserve account

Password: Enter 6 digit numbers (up to you)

Confirm Password: Enter the 6 digit figures again on top

Then click on Sign Up and automatically cash of approximately U.S. $ 2000, if you do not believe try clickingMy Earnings to check it out. If you want to capture the dollar / add balance you click Paid to Click , then click on the banner ads that appear ! Then wait for about 60 seconds. After that, it will display information acknowledgments and notices that the sum of approximately U.S. $ 2,000 has been transferred into your account. Occasionally try to click My Inbox, if there exist a number of incoming email and then open the email, click on URLs that are inside waiting for approximately 60 seconds and cash of approximately U.S. $ 2,000 has been transferred into your account. Honest can only be taken if you are already Payout of U.S. $ 300,000. Oh yeah almost forgot, if you provide a reference in this way to someone else using your referral address, setipa one person who signed up from your referral address, you'll get a bonus of approximately U.S. $ 2000. (N_n)


Mark Anthony said...

nice post. thanks for sharing...

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