Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seo Link Automatic for Blogger

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Learning SEO Blogspot - Ever heard of SEO smart link plugin? a plugin for wordpress reply function to change every word that we set, into a link. Now the plugin can we put also on blogspot.

How does seo smart link to this blogspot?
This script will read every word on every post. For example, if my friend enter the word "SEO" in the script then automatically on all pages that have the word "seo" will be the link to the url address that has been my friend set.

Does this violate the autolink script google guidelines?
No, as long as the number of links a friend enter the autolink code is still in reasonable stages. Recommendations skipper, just one link only.

How do I install this autolink code on blogspot buddy?

  1. The first step, login to and then to design (design).
  2. Towards the edit html tab. Press ctrl + f on the keyboard. And look for the code </ body>
  3. See the script here the code (click to see a new tab)
  4. Once the page opens please copy paste the script code discript all the code just above </ body>


  • See the very end of the code and replace it with the word SEO or select your keywords.
  • Replace underneath the url address of the destination.

Good luck!


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