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Basic Tips For Articles Indexed By Google

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"What about that article is how we can indexed by Google?"

A good question for beginner bloggers, like me. So that our article can be indexed by Google, then we have to do is not far away from the name of SEO (Search Engine Optimation).

"What is SEO?"

"Important SEO for my blog?"

Very good question! But, to answer two questions above, you first have to read the article, click here!

While for the moment, agil95en will only discuss on how to make our articles indexed by Google. After the article I learned from several sources about SEO optimization blogspot, apparently there are basic things that need to be applied so that articles can be indexed by Google.

Here's the explanation!

Blog Title and Post Title
Blog Title and Post Title is the most important things first so that Google can index your article. Let's say you see on the Google search results. There show that, subject first thing that appears on Google search results, followed by the blog URL.

Well, according to the discussion this time, how to keep our articles appear in Google search results?

The first thing to do is, put the main keyword in the title of your blog, for example, the keyword "Sports" of course the blog title should contain keywords, for example, "Sports information set".

Important to remember also, that if you change the blog title, too often, then it will repeat the process optimization in the title.

Then on the Post Title. It's the same by selecting the title of the blog, for example, you would choose the post title "Learning Tips blogging", Google would prefer a title like that rather than "With blogging Learning Tips". So, remember, the title is simple and has a favorite Google keyword.

Fill or Blog Content
Your blog content can be the decisive relevance of keywords in your blog, like the example above after you make the article "Study Tips blogging" of course you must also enter the keyword on the parts of your article. But not too much to insert the same keyword, it will be considered spam by Google. So, use the keyword with the necessary and reasonable. Sisipkanlah keyword at the beginning of the first paragraph. And at the end of the article inserted in the closing words of your keywords.

Blog URL
URL of your blog was never separated from the insertion of keywords. If you choose the keyword sport, choose the exact URL that matches the theme of your blog, for example, or it could be

Just tips ONLY! Never use your name as the URL of your blog if the blog is intended as a personal blog not a problem, but if the business blogs follow the advice. Try also to buy Top Level Domain (TLD) such as (. com) will make your blog more valuable in the eyes of Google later.

So the conclusion from the above discussion, the optimized title, URL, and the title of your blog article to strengthen your position in google search engine and choose the right words for the title and content of your posts so you can easily insert the keyword that you want to target on your business blog.

So many discussions Basic Tips For Articles Indexed By Google. Hopefully this article can be useful tips for your blog so that Google indexed more quickly.

If possible there are things that need to be asked please specify in the comment box. And if there are suggestions and feedback, please include that too yeah.


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